Workshop Contemporary dance

sa09apr15:00sa18:00 KursleiterMaya GomezWorkshop Contemporary dancezeitgenössischer Tanz, Bewegungsbewusstsein und Tanzerkundung mit Maya Gomez


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In this workshop we will start preparing the body using contemporary technique. Using the
floor gravity to understand our weight. Working with oppositions and extremities. Being in contact with the whole room, using impulses and breathing to move.
The second part of the workshop is an exploration process divided in three steps;
– Starting with an understanding of the body’s abilities, moving with anatomical awareness, efficiency and organically. (Inspired by the somatic method of Feldenkrais.)
– The research follows up with a listening of the body and its physical necessities. Turning the mind off and letting our being just be. For the second layer we use the meditation practice and develop it more actively physically.
– The third and last step is to express the emotions into movement, listening the body desires. A complete let go of the mind and following the instincts that will eventually create movement.

My method is a fusion of somatic techniques with dance expression and self liberation. It creates a high awareness of the body and its surroundings. The result is a healthy, pleasant and soft journey. And a tool to express with movement what sometimes we can’t express with words.


(Samstag ) 15:00 - 18:00

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